To build an academic institution of new ideas and innovation in the field of technical education wherein all involved shall contribute effectively and responsibily to the development of nation • • •           
Our Mission is to offer a multidimensional learning environment founded on value based academic principles ,to strive continuously for excellence in technical services and to meet the new challenges in the field of social economical development of the entire community. • • •           
To achive the success in the field of job for a engineer , it is necessary to know the application of theory knowledge which is done in practice of workshop practical . Sound knowledge of workshop practicals makes students a high class quality of working .Workshop is active and effective part of technical education in Govt. Polytechnic College Balaghat Our workshop having machine like Lathe, Drilling Machine, Milling Machine, Shaper, Slotter, Planner, Grinders, Capstan Lathe . The manufacturing process depends upon the type of job. Generally, the job includes raw material, cutting, drilling, turning & facing, milling & parting off, inspection and despatch. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (DME) persons can establish these kind of units for self-employment. The market for general engineering workshop has got wide scope due to fast growth of industrialisation, especially in the service sector. Spares for authomobile , machine etc can be manufactured.
Staff Details :-
Teaching Staff :
S.No. Name Designation Qualification Contact No. Email ID
1 A L Mohare Astt Workshop Superintendent Diploma In Mech. Engg 09425447944
2 S N Shivhare Work Shop Instructor I T I 09407051229
3 S L Basene Work Shop Instructor I T I 07632 241785
4 H L Marathe Work Shop Instructor I.T.I 09424942838
5 R P Meshram Work Shop Instructor I T I and B.A. 09406729954
6 S P Tekam Work Shop Instructor B.Com. & I.T.I. 09827468941
7 A Z Khan Workshop Instructor I T I 09098603702
8 G N Maskare Workshop Instructor I T I 09329648621
9 Bhagwat Bhure Work Shop Instructor I T I 09893798512
10 R K Bagde Work Shop Instructor I T I 09993396150
11 Basakoo Markam Work Shop Instructor I T I 09630353199
12 Udey Lal Gurde Work Shop Instructor B A , L. L.B., & I T I 09753716956
13 Raj rajesh Lal Skilled Assistant I T I 09893955797
14 K L Yadav Skilled Assistant B A,LL B and I T I 09893955797
15 B R Dharne Workhop Instructor I T I 09826696988
Supporting Staff :
S.No. Name Designation Qualification Contact No. Email ID